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October 2015

Nerdy book club

Hi, Nerdy book club,

I want to join your club as I love reading and I want to join your club.

I am not an author, but I do like to review books. I know authors like Lewis Carroll, Rachel Renee Russell and Ann M. Matin and others too.  These are my reasons for why I want to join your club.

Yours Sincerely,



New Ideas

hey guys got any ideas for my blog

other blog

This my backup blogging area add me if you want to see me there.

Good environment

well if you guys want this blog to be a happy environment, Do not post mean comment or cyberbully here. ok !

Blogging days

Hi, guys!!

Well I will be blogging on these days:

Saturdays or Sundays if  I do not have homework.

I will not be blogging on these days/periods:

Exam period (Unless I need tips)

School hours: Morning to 1.30p.m.

Monday to Friday (If I do not have homework or I f I feel like blogging)

Hello Everyone: Exam tips

Hello everyone, I am the animallover186 and I am new here. Can you guys give me some exam tips as it is my Primary 4 SA2 exam?

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