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April 2016

Online ChatBox

Hi, guys, this is my online chat box URL if u wanna chat n ask me non-personal questions!




GoodBye CoolGirl186 And Fans Of This Blog

Hi. I Have Sad News! I’m Leaving This Blog So I’m Not Going To Post Anymore. So Sorry Guys. If I Had Upset You It’s Ok. It’s No Longer The AnimalLover186’s And CoolGirl186’s Blog ANYMORE.


GOODBYE! Please Leave A Message Below If You Are Sad/Angry.



A prank played at my school!

Hey Guys, I have a really funny story to tell you.

Today at school, a boy took my friend’s fake grasshopper and went to another boy to prank. Then suddenly that boy who wanted to prank asked for that other boy’s hand to read. He ended up putting the fake grasshopper on his hand and that pranked boy screamed like a girl and ran off I laughed so hard until my ribs hurt.


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